Whether it is a business trip or a vacation, advance planning almost always helps with finalizing an itinerary that helps you derive the maximum benefit from your tour. It helps with optimum utilization of time and money. If you are planning a trip to San Fernando, California, this article will be immensely helpful for your tour to the city. The article contains useful information about the city that will help you not just to navigate better through the city but also gaining an insight into the history and culture of the city.

Basic information about the city:
San Fernando is a city in Los Angeles County and is situated toward the north western region of the county in the San Fernando Valley. The city was incorporated on 31st August 1911. Los Angeles city completely surrounds the city of San Fernando from all sides. The reason why San Fernando continued as a separate city while still being situated between the areas of Los Angeles city is due to the abundance of ground water in San Fernando which allowed it to remain self-sufficient in terms of water supply. 
San Fernando is a small city with a population of just a little over 23,600. The city has also seen a steep decline in the birth rates due to the migration of the inhabitants of the city to places like Los Angeles. The largest population group in the city is of Latinos. The city has around 6,000 housing units. Major employers in the city include Pepsi Bottling Company. The city has one public library – San Fernando Library.

Important sites in San Fernando:
• Mission Hotel in San Fernando was established in 1888.
• San Fernando Library is the sole public library in the city and is frequented by the tourists.
• Stoney Point Park is easily accessible from the city and is one of the major tourist attractions.

San Fernando is known for:
San Fernando is a relatively smaller city as compared to several other cities in California. It is also surrounded by Los Angeles. However, the city has its own significance and is known as the town with a vast diversity of the population. The city has a larger number of Latinos as compared to Whites or any other ethnic groups. The San Fernando Library is also popular and the city also has a large number of schools despite the small population.

Best restaurants and hotels in San Fernando:
Best hotels and restaurants in and around San Fernando include Best Western Pasadena Royale, Loews Hollywood Hotel, Value Inn, James Restaurant, Heavenly Pancakes and Carrillo’s Tortilleria. The restaurants in the city serve various types of cuisine and due to the large Latino population, most of these restaurants serve Latin American and Mexican delicacies.

Points of interest:
Mission Hotel is one of the major points of interest for the tourists. Apart from it the San Fernando Library is also a major tourist attraction.

Local or travel tips:
The city is situated between the areas of Los Angeles and therefore transportation to the city and within the city is well developed. The San Fernando Metrolink Station serves the public transportation requirements.