I am an Advertiser

IMPORTANT: You must email us from the same email that you have signed up to your account with. If you write to us from a different email, we will not know who you are.

Why is my payment declining?

There are a number of reasons why your payment is declining:

  • Overseas transactions not permitted. If you are using a payment card from a bank or credit provider in the USA, they might be blocking you from making payments. Our payment processor is not located in the USA and you might need permission from your bank to make payments to companies located outside the USA. Please contact your bank or credit institution to confirm this.
  • Insufficient funds. It is possible that you may need to add funds to your bank account. You should receive a message on our payment page if the payment is declined for this reason.
  • Your bank has blocked the payment for your protection. Sometimes banks will block a payment if they think it is suspicious, and this much more likely if you are making an online payment to a website located outside of the USA. Try calling your bank and asking if they put a block on your card. Once you explain that this is an authorized transaction, they will unblock the card and you should be able to make a successful payment.
  • Incorrect details. Please double check the details that you entered are correct. It’s always possible to enter a number incorrectly.
  • Gift cards and prepaid debit cards. There are some types of cards that do not work outside of the USA. No gift card of any type will work on this website. Also certain prepaid debit cards do not work, such as Vanilla prepaid. Based on feedback from our users, we recommend Netspend prepaid cards, which has the highest success rate.

Change my username / email / password

Changing your account details on Adultsearch is very straightforward. Simply login to your account account and visit the My Account page here You can see there are buttons you can select to change any of these details.

Make Changes to my Advertisement

If you want to make any changes to your advertisement you can visit this page in your account Here you have multiple options relating to your account

I can't login any more, it says I am a spammer

Our system or a staff member might believe that you may be a spammer or you may have violated our terms of service.

Please understand that fighting against spam and scammers is a constant battle. As we deactivate huge numbers of bad accounts, occasionally we may deactivate a real person's account, too. We apologize for that.

To re-activate your account, you will need to verify your identity. Please contact us.

My Advertisement is not showing

If this is your first advertisement, we will manually review before posting your ad live. If you ad is not live within 6 hours of posting, then it is possible that our system has identified you as a likely spammer. You will need to verify your identify, please contact us.

Someone has posted a fake review or advertisement about me or is using my photos or my private info

If someone is posting photos of you in an ad not created or authorized by you, that is against our terms of service. We need two things from you to delete those ads: We need you to verify yourself, please contact us and send us a clear photo of yourself, showing your face so that we can match it to the photos in your ads, holding up a piece of paper with “Verified” written on it. Or a clear video of your face saying the words “Verified”.

If someone has used your photo without your permission
If the pictures are yours, we need to verify your image. Please send us a clear photo of your legal ID, Drivers license, or passport showing your face. To clarify, no nudity is necessary, only a match to the face.)
We ask this because in many cases we have people trying to fraudulently take down other people's ads.
It would also greatly help us if you could provide us with a link to the ad(s) in question.
Please send us a link such as, for example, If you are getting texts about an ad that is not yours, please try asking them where exactly they found it on our site.
Please note: if you neither posted your information, nor agreed to having your information posted on our site, we want to remove your information from our site as much as you.

How do I post more than 2 advertisements?

Only Agency accounts are permitted to post more than 2 advertisements. See here how to become an Agency.

How do Top-Ups work?

Adultsearch is one of the most popular classified websites in the world and receives millions of visitors every month. There are 100s of new advertisements posted every day and new advertisements always start at the Top of the City page list. If you want to move back up to the top of the list, then you can do this by using “Top-Ups”. You can buy Top-Ups any time at this page -

Once you have purchased your top-ups, then you can use them anytime to move your ad back up to the top of the list. This is the best way to get maximum exposure and our advertisers use this feature the most in the more popular metropolitan cities.

Why can't I see my side sponsor ads on mobile?

Side sponsor ads are only sold for desktop computers not mobile devices.

How do I upgrade to a Sticky Sponsored advertisement that stays at the top of the list?

You can only purchase Sticky Sponsor upgrades if you have an Agency account. See here how to become an Agency.

Why can't I buy a city thumbnail / Side sponsor ?

If all city thumbnail ads (or side sponsor ads) are sold out in your city you must wait till one becomes available. Sometimes this can take months or maybe not at all.

How to become Escort Agency account ?

You can change your account to Escort Agency account by yourself, just click on link "Change to Agency" in your user panel. One agency ad costs $49.99/month and you need to recharge at least $3,000 to start advertising. Please see more details about Escort Agency accounts here.

I am an Escort Agency

Why did I lose my sticky ads?

Sticky ads are on a first come first serve basis. If your money/credits run out then your sticky ads will be lost to a competitor.

I want to buy a sticky ad but it's not available in my city?

If all sticky ads are sold out in your city you must wait till one becomes available. Sometimes this can take months or maybe not at all.

Can I send less than $3,000 USD to top up my account?

You can send less than $3,000 USD, but then this money will go to pending budget. Perhaps you can't or you don't want to send the whole $3,000 USD in one transaction. If money goes to pending budget, it stays there until you send more money. This way you can for example send the $3,000 USD in 6 transactions, each of $500 USD. After your pending budget amount reaches $3,000 USD, it will be converted to available budget and you can spend it any way you want. You can't use your money until you send $3,000 USD (or equivalent in bitcoin) in total, $3,000 is the minimum.

How quickly do I need to use up my balance? Is there any time limit?

No, there is no time limit. If you want, you can have just one ad up and take one year or longer to use the balance to keep your ad up.

Do I need to maintain some balance on my account?

No, you don't need to maintain any minimum balance. After you send the minimum amount ($3,000 USD), you can spend it in any way you want. You can spend it all on ads and upgrades and your ads / upgrades will be active until normal expiration, without regard of your account balance.

Can I post more than 10 ads?

Yes, it's $3,000 USD (or equivalent in bitcoin) for 10 ads. We sell ads in blocks of 10. So, if you want 20 ads send in $6,000 USD. If you want 30 ads send in $9,000 USD. There is no limit to the amount of ads you can buy. Please be careful, that the money (e.g. $6,000 if you want 20 ads) need to be sent in one transaction (in one day). If you send $3,000 in February and another $3,000 in March, that is considered as two different transactions and you would be entitled to only 10 ads (without regard to you sending $6,000 in total). The money need to be sent in one transaction.

How do i recharge my account?

Please log in and go to My page to see payment instructions.

I would like to report an incident with a minor / non-consensual activity involving a post on this site

The best thing you can do in this case is contact your local law enforcement, and provide the link to the ad in question to them. This is the best way to stop this type of criminal activity.

I contacted an advertisement on this site, and they robbed me

We are very sorry to hear about this, but we do not control who posts on our site. Unfortunately, for every case of robbery, there are cases of providers or jealous people trying to falsely take down other people's posts, and we have no way to differentiate between these two type of situations.
If the robbery was serious (armed or violent), we recommend going to your local law enforcement and we will cooperate with them in this case.

I am with Law Enforcement

We want to help.

If the matter is in regards to non-consensual activity or to do with a minor, you do not need a subpoena/warrant/court order etc. Simply send a request from your law enforcement email to and we will respond with what information we can provide. Please include the exact link to the ad in question.

The company philosophy in this matter is that people who traffic or prey on other people (let alone minors) should be prosecuted, and we are happy to help law enforcement in any way we can in these cases.

Please include a link to the ad or ads in question. This will allow us to find the information and get back to you much faster. A link will look something like If you cannot enter long addresses like this in your form, you may instead include the ad ID. In the example link above, the ad ID would be 2617518 - that is, the numbers after the last slash, /.

If the only trace you have is a phone number, we will try to help you, but note that people change and erase their phone numbers. They also don't always put them in their user profiles, and they type it in a mix of words and numbers to make it harder to search for. We try to respond to all law enforcement inquiries within 36 hours. If you don't hear from us within 72 hours, please email again, as there may have been a human or anti-spam algorithm error.

Special note for American Law Enforcement We are frequently asked for a legal division and/or a physical address to send subpoenas to. These requests seem to be particular to American law enforcement protocols. We are not USA citizens. We do not have a physical address nor any systems inside the United States.

Subpoena Process

That being said, is based in the Republic of Angola. While we are willing to voluntarily work with law enforcement informally to provide them with information quickly and efficiently via e-mail, we do not accept foreign subpoenas directly, nor any service of process, from jurisdictions outside of Angola, nor in any language but Portuguese. We never accept ANY formal service of process via e-mail.

Please note that the Republic of Angola is not a party to the Hague Convention and as such, litigants from Hague signatory countries may not automatically serve process using traditional means.

If you are in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica or Australia/Oceana, whether or not your country is a signatory to the Hague Convention, then you need to have a Letters Rogatory prepared in both your native language and in Portuguese (along with a an affidavit signed before a notary by your translator), then signed by a judge in your jurisdiction, and forwarded to your state department. Your state department then needs to forward the Letters Rogatory to the state department of the Republic of Angola, based in Luanda, while adhering to strict formal diplomatic protocol, so that it may be forwarded to the state department of the Republic of Angola, and served in accordance with Angolan law. You should check with the state department of your individual country for confirmation of its processes. Please note that the time frame is generally 12-24 months (depending on the state departments and the current diplomatic relations with the Republic of Angola), and we would prefer to receive notice via the email address listed supra, so that we can help you quickly and effectively stop any illegal activity, as we don’t want any illegal activity happening on our site.


  1. We want to help you. You don't need a subpoena / court order if your inquiry involves a minor.
  2. Please include a link to the ads in question.
    1. A link looks like this.
    2. If you can't fit the link on your form, please give us the "ad id", the last 7 digits of the link: 2617518
    3. Links/ad ids are much better than just phone numbers
  3. If you are sending a scanned order, please attach a plain text copy of the order (put in the email text itself), or a .doc format of the order. This will allow us to copy ad past the links/ad ids into our system to look up your request.