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  • Dancing Bare
    (206) 524-2273
    10338 Aurora Ave. N.
    Seattle,WA 98133
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    Dancing Bare

    (206) 524-2273
    10338 Aurora Ave. N.
    Seattle,WA 98133
    Monday-Sunday: Free
    No Food
    Stripper will negotiate


    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 05-21-2012
    This place has an odd neighborhood vibe, but it's the friendliest club I've ever been to--and that includes some very up-scale places in Dallas, which as far as I can tell is the strip-club capital of the world. You enter through a porn shop, which is a little weird and feels tacky. There are basically two areas: a dancing area with tables and a small stage where you enter, and a raised platform in the rear with couches for private dances.

    The girls range from "adequate" to "awesome". There are always several girls around, even if the club is empty. Bonnie seems to be the floor manager, and she really cares about this place. The girls make a point to find you and make time, and if you don't connect with the first girl who approaches you, she'll actively seek out someone who fits what you're looking for. It's a neat feature of the club, and the one thing about it that makes it special.

    Dances are expensive ($30, I think), but worth it, as there's no reason to go with a girl you don't connect with.

    Recommended--but don't expect an upscale experience. No food, no drinks worth mentioning, but very very friendly service from very talented ladies.
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    Conquistador 05-21-2012 09:42:51 PM Conquistador
    FYI Oregon is the string club capital, per population that is.

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