Travelling to any location, whether domestic or international can be more productive if it is well planned and the itinerary includes your places of interests. If you are planning a trip to Fresno, California, there are few details that you must know before you plan your schedule. It will allow you to travel around the city in a cost and time efficient manner.
Basic information about the city:
Fresno is the fifth most populous city in the state of California with a population of over 500,000. The name Fresno was derived from the Spanish term "Fresno" which means an ash leaf and is also featured on the flag of the city. The city is toward north of Los Angeles at a distance of 200 miles and is 170 miles south of Sacramento, the capital of California.
The city is situated in San Joaquin Valley and has a history of human settlements since the ancient times. Yokuts were the early inhabitants of the valley that surrounds Fresno. Modern day Fresno was founded in 1865. The city has several places of historic importance and most of the tourists travelling to the city visit them.
Important sites in Fresno:
• Temple Beth Israel is the oldest synagogue in the city and was founded in 1909. 
• Tower Theatre is at the center of the Tower District and is a part of the National List of Historic Places.
• Huntington Boulevard has several traditionally designed homes and has the tallest Christmas tree in the United States. The houses and especially the tree are decorated with bright lights during Christmas which is a good time to visit the place.
• Other sites to see in the city include Woodward Park, Sierra Sky Park and Van Ness Extension.
Fresno is known for:
Fresno is the largest producer of agricultural products in the United States and is famous for the large variety of the products. Fresno is known as the place that provides easy access to three national parks in the country. The city is also known for several shopping and dining options.
Best restaurants and hotels in Fresno:
Homewood Suites (Hilton Fresno), Golden Inn and Suites, Piccadilly Inn Shaw and Summerfield Inn are among the top hotels in the city. For those who love Mexican food, Castillo’s Mexican and Don Pepe’s Taqueria serve Mexican food which is as good as any top restaurant in Mexico. La Boulangerie offers delightful and tasty French deserts.
Points of interest:
Fresno offers great choices for everyone according to their interests. Since the city is the largest producer of agricultural products, there are several places from where one can buy fresh fruits and other products. The streets of Old Town Clovis hosts several local wineries that offer free samples to the visitors. Fresno Art Museum has a gallery that houses several artworks and also conducts workshops and classes for arts connoisseur. 
Local or travel tips:
Fresno can be reached conveniently from Los Angeles and Sacramento. The city is just at a few hours’ drive from these two cities. Travelling within the city is also convenient with well-developed rail and other public transportation systems.