Planning a travel itinerary is always beneficial since it helps you to use your time and money wisely and also enables you to get the best of the experiences. For planning a trip to Anaheim, California, a brief knowledge about the city, various places of interests in the city and famous places will be very helpful for tourists.
Basic information about the city:
With a population of over 336,000 inhabitants, Anaheim, California is the 10th largest city in the state of California and largest in Orange County. The city is a part of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. In 1857 by 50 German families founded Anaheim and on 18th March 1876, it was constituted as a city and was the 2nd city of the Los Angeles County. The name of the city is a combination of the words Ana and Heim. The city is situated close to the river Santa Ana and Heim in German means home’ or place’.
Anaheim has a diverse range of communities and is a well-planned city. The city has several famous landmarks and tourist places including the Disneyland Resort. There are also several popular hotels and resorts in the city.
Important sites in Anaheim:
· Anaheim resort is the most popular location in the city. It has several hotels and commercial complex. It is however most popular worldwide for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. 
· Pearson Park is the first city park and was founded in 1927. It comprises of 19 acres of land. The park was renamed in 1960 after Mayor Charles A. Pearson.
· Anaheim Convention Center and Arena is an important destination for business meetings and conventions. 
· Other important sites include Honda Center and City National Grove of Anaheim.
Anaheim is known for:
Anaheim is most famous for Disneyland. Apart from this world famous site, the city is known as a major industrial city with several manufacturing units of airplane parts, electronics and other industrial products. The city is also an important center for packing of canned fruits.
Best restaurants and hotels in Anaheim:
Bistro Bleu is famous for its French cuisine and includes an entire three course French lunch. Cortina’s Italian Market is popular for Italian food and especially the sausage sandwich. Papa Hassan’s Grill is well known for its Arabian style ambiance and food. Tana Ethiopian Restaurant serves the Ethiopian delight. Other famous restaurants and hotels in Anaheim include Baci di Trattoria, Joe’s Italian Ice and the Cheesecake Factory.
Points of interest:
Anaheim is a major industrial city and a tourist destination. For most of the tourists visiting the city, Disneyland is the major attraction. Those who are interested in electronics and industrial products have several places of business interest in the city. The city also has a large food canning industry. Apart from that, Anaheim is also home to several sports celebrities and business executives.
Local or travel tips:
Anaheim has three freeways passing through the city. These include the Riverside Freeway, Orange Freeway and Santa Ana Freeway. The Los Angeles International airport is at a distance of 30 miles from the city. The city has a well-developed network of rail and road. There is also a local shuttle service in the area surrounding Disneyland.