Any Private One On One tours Available?

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by mrmath

Incorrect credentials.
11/10/2013 01:50 pm

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I am new to this site. I think its great. All the info and reviews sound really interesting. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia and chick action is hard to CUM by if you know what I mean. I'm an accountant and a little shy when it comes to the girl hunting thing. I'd love to come and visit Thailand and get a "tune up" with the Thai ladies. Any members out there that live in Thailand willing to show another whore monger around. I'm willing to pay for services or fees, etc.
11/12/2013 10:00 am

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Hey Mrmath,

Its funny you should post this message because the other day I was reading a few reviews on some of the massage places in Pattaya and thought a trip to Thailand would be alot of fun. That THECAT POSTER seems to know his way around Thailand. He's be a great tour guide. Hopefully he will read our posts and offer his assistance. I'd be willing to kick in some gratuity moneys to insure my trip a safe and fun time.
11/12/2013 10:59 pm

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Hi guys, thomas here. (thecat)
I'm reading your posts and have thought about doing a one on one tour for the guys who come here. Let me think about it a little and i will let you know.
02/09/2014 08:11 pm

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hi im English ,ive been living in pattaya Thailand 14 years, had a bar and sold it 6 years ago and feel im very experienced in showing the ropes. im semi retired and married for 9 years to a beautiful Thai wife who [and allso love sensual massage ]also fluent in English, if you are female and need a guide she wont let you down ,together can save you a fortune ,we have a bran new car plus can help with accommodation,i was lucky as i had someone to show me the way if you are looking for a open minded private tour please get in touch ,ale or female and tell us all your Holiday needs
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