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11/02/2013 07:14 pm

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Always remember one thing. Thai girls who work in the Entertainment industry, (adult fun with men) are doing this kind of work because they like earning more money than the average Thai person, maybe even some Lawyers.
They are not doing this because they are always horny or love having sex with total strangers. (well maybe a few are.)
Thai girls LOVE clean, well dressed men that are polite, funny and seem to be having a great time every where they go. If you are always appearing that you are happy all the time, they want to be with you to enjoy what happiness you are having. They call this "Sanuk". This basically means "fun" or having fun.
Clean breath, shaven face, non smoker, nicely dressed will always win most Thai girls over. Also having a "big heart" or Jai Dee, jai meaning heart and Dee meaning good. The way you express Jai Dee is with your wallet and your patience, but mostly your wallet. I must be part Thai girl myself because everytime a friend of mine wants to treat me for a lunch, dinner or whatever, I tend to be happy with that friend more than usual. The point is, giving is always an attention getter. I'm not talking about buying them a house, car, motorbike or computer, (which all of these come later after you know them for a few days) I'm talking about buying them drinks, small bits of clothing on a quick shopping spree or small little bracelet that may have an inscription on the back saying, (I love your big juicy tits, love John.)

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