Dang Beer Bar
Beach Rd
Pattaya Beach, , TH

Orientation Straight

Have girls to bar fine YES

Lots of girls working YES

Have free food on certain days NO

Have live entertainment NO

Short Time Room YES

How much for short time room 400 Baht

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5:00AM - 3:00AM


5:00AM - 3:00AM


5:00AM - 3:00AM


5:00AM - 3:00AM


5:00AM - 3:00AM


5:00AM - 3:00AM


5:00AM - 3:00AM

Beer Bars, most have music or sports and MANY have either Bar Girls for ‘Sale’ with a ‘Bar Fine’ attached, $300 Baht and up. Or there will be Freelance Girls on-site. The costs are similar but without the bar fine. $600 to $1500 baht and up. Each Lady will have their own 'offerings' and limits. Ladyboys are present in many bars and are sometimes difficult to tell the difference, So Ask!! They like to say, "Never Try - Never Know!"

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