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    Detroit Strip Clubs

    There are many strip clubs in Detroit with most situated around the 8 Mile area. The minimum age for entry is 21 and many stay open late till either 2 or 4 AM.  Charges will vary according to whether there is cover during the day but you should expect to pay around $10 or more for a booth.  Drink prices will vary between $6 to $10.  If you want to dance in a private area this will cost $25 and upwards.
    The one club not in the area is called Big Bon's in the Upper Peninsula, the only one in the whole place and is popular with the deer-hunting men.  The owner Lori confirmed that around 20 to 30% of the business will be done during the two weeks of hunting season.  It doesn't have a liquor license due to the original owner getting into trouble over an underage drinker but it will stay open till 6 AM.  Men will come and visit the place at night time to get female attention as they will live in the middle of nowhere and many will feel lonely and will not see women very often.
    The "Coli" as regulars named it, is one of the best strip clubs in Detroit and has an Egyptian feel, is couples-friendly, has private suites plus a very extensive wine and champagne choice.  It also has a heliport if you ever feel like landing a helicopter.  The Penthouse tries to be the "classiest" but it is expensive so you will need to bring plenty of dollars, it will be a good experience for a visit.  Trump's which has many returning regulars does specials on a Tuesday and Thursday but drinks can be a bit pricey.
    If you want some cheaper options, Larry Flynt's is worth a visit with everything on a Tuesday being $2.  The Landing Strip which is also open during the day with the cover being free does a happy hour from 11 AM - 7 PM on a Monday to Saturday.  Subi's Place which is a relatively small club with a "locals joint" feel does cheap drinks but you will feel that you have got value for your money.  Deja Vu, which is alcohol-free is a friendly place near to the University of Michigan and does a two-for-one dance on a Tuesday.  For those of you who are not yet 21 Cheetah's even though it is not in Detroit is worth a mention as it is within a 10-minute drive across the border into Canada but you can drink legally with dances and drink being cheap.