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Atlanta Sex Shops - The Best of the Best Reviewed
     This is for anyone out there who is looking for the best Atlanta sex shops around. Hopefully this will let you know where to go to find what, and possibly even save you a trip. I have lived in Atlanta since 1996, and my girlfriend and I frequent some of these shops. I hope my reviews are helpful!
 Starship Elations - The top Sex Shop in Atlanta 
     Starship is a very full bodied experience and then some. As far a sex shops go, this one is almost everybody's favorite. You hear talk of them all over town, and they have huge stores peppered throughout the city, with an enormous selection of men's and women's sex toys, an overflowing selection of BDSM apparel, tools, videos and costumes, and a lingerie section with costumes, club-wear, shoes, stockings, and garments for him and her. Starship comes complete with a "smoke central section", with an assortment of vaporizers, hookahs, e-cigs, and accessories, not to mention any rolling paper you could dream up. Starship also has a "bizarre section", with everything from bullets to adult games, candles, incense, scales, edibles, body paints, you name it. The staff is always super friendly, the stores are huge, with over 20 locations to better serve their patrons. This chain of adult superstores rate highest in repeat customers, as well as variety, and if you can't find what you want, they can probably order it, but 99.999 percent of the time, your desires will be staring back at you! Bring some money, because you're going to want just about everything in here!
Stardust Sex Shop-     Stardust is a nice sex shop to visit. They are a little smaller than some flagship sex shops like Starship, but they have some of everything, and a really friendly, knowledgeable staff. They have an abundant selection of water pipes, with a fat medley of acrylic, glass, and blown glass, as well as hookahs,  papers and the sort. The adult section is filled with toys, magazines videos, gels, oils, restraints, you name it! The lingerie section is overflowing with all kinds of leather, and multiple colored garments, costumes, etc. The Stardust is a favorite for many, and is open until 4am on the weekend, and Sun-Thurs until 2. Stardust has a homey vibe, and an assortment that is sure to tickle your fancy.
 Sex Shop- Brushstrokes is a little bit different. Mark Jackson started out his first shop in Virginia Highlands with only 400 square feet back in 1989, and they have since grown to over 4200 square feet, taking up every available retail space in Ansley Square, where they are currently located. They have two stores: The Gift Card Boutique, a gay and lesbian variety store specializing in gay pride, and anything else one sexed, and Brushstrokes Pleasures, an adult only store. They are open until 10:00 PM on Friday and Saturday, and 7:00 PM every other day, so get here early to get your naughty shopping on. The thing that makes Brushstrokes unique, is the selection. Brushstrokes offers everything adult that honesty is in existence, and that's no joke. They also have a video rental selection of over 13,000 titles, and the staff is amazing and dedicated. This one is another favorite of many, with repeat customers, and reviews that are mainly all good. Come check it out, bring your better half, and again get ready to pout, because your eyes will surely be bigger than your budget here. 
I hope you've found this Atlanta Sex Shops guide useful! 

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