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Beijing, China, the second largest city after Shanghai and the cultural, educational, and political capital of the nation. Read on to find out more about this fascinating city, its landmarks, clubs, and restaurants in the following few paragraphs.

There is the Forbidden City, a landmark since the days of The Ming Dynasty and also called Imperial Palace Museum and covering a large area, it is the worlds' largest and best preserved wooden complex. The Bird's Nest, which is the nickname of the Beijing National Stadium, is arguably one of the worlds' best designed Stadium, and as it hosted some major events of the 2008 Olympics and Paralympics, it is definitely not something to leave out of your tour. The Great Wall is best accessed at Badaling, Beijing, and it would honestly be impossible to not visit this wonder of the world when touring this city. The National Grand Theater of China, or the Chinese National Center for the Performing Arts is shaped like an egg and is described as such by locals. It also looks like a water drop and is close to The Forbidden City, so it would be quite easy to tour both of these landmarks in a day if you are pressed for time.

Hotels and Restaurants
For places to stay, five star options include the Regent Beijing, Raffles Beijing Hotel, Fairmont Beijing Hotel, Hotel Eclat Beijing, and of course Shangri-La's China World Hotel, if you don't mind the funds you will need to part with. If however you do not want to break the bank, you have Xijiao Hotel Beijing, Beijing Aulympic Airport Hotel, Days Inn Forbidden City Beijing, and CITIC Hotel Beijing Hotel among others.
With over fifty thousand restaurants in this city, you have a wide variety of options, and here we will only name a few, such as Quanjude Quianmen Branch, famous for its roast duck and the original store of this chain of restaurants. Haidilao Hot Pot is another chain restaurant that is open 24 hours a day and is a collection of different Chinese hot pot styles. If you prefer a more European Style restaurant, Capital M is the place to go to make an impression on your business partners or bosses. If you are not operating on a budget, you have the option of Made in China, in the Grand Hyatt Beijing, where their roast local duck will not fail to impress.

Clubs and Bars
There are a lot of clubs around the Workers' Stadium if you are up to some downtown fun, and some clubs to name but a few include Tang Club, The World of Suzie Wong, Nest, China Doll, The Den, Bar Blu, Mix, Angel, and Babyface. While some will charge for entry, others are free and they are generally a nice party atmosphere if you want to enjoy some music and drinks.

So there you have it, the city famed for its 3000 year history, culture and relics, food, historic sites and building complexes, and their great merge of traditional and modern into one, it will be an adventure worth experiencing so don't hold back, visit Beijing, China, and eat culture with a big spoon!