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Considered as one of the most prosperous Emirates country, Dubai also buzzes the world with its glistening tourism spots. Dubai is the perfect representation of the idea of “shopping festival”. It is the paradise for those who want to get the most of their holiday since they know that they will get the best from this place. The city caters all its visitors’ needs by offering luxury hotel's, range of shopping malls, hundreds delicacies from reputable restaurants, stylish nightclubs and bars.

With many things to offer, a lot of people are interested to discuss topic of things to do in Dubai. This amazing city of opportunity offers tax free lifestyle which is one of the reasons why it has never been quite even in low season. The nightlife in the city is marvelous, with stylish nightclubs, themed bars, cocktail bars, restaurants, which offer many delicacies and amusing attractions as well.
Nightclubs and Nightlife

One of the Dubai traits to populate is the nightlife. Dubai has hosted most prominent club nights along with popular DJs from around the world. It offers many bars and nightclubs that will be the best spots to spend your nightlife in the location. Most of them are nearby or located in hotels. You may encounter different parties from one club to another, but mostly Eastern and Western party goers are the regular visitors of these places.
You can feel the energy on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In Thursday, it is the end of the work week for most people, while Friday and Saturday are the weekends. Dubai’s clubs and bars used to be allowing visitors to enter for free. But recently, some clubs have entrance fees due to the surge of visitors of the night life places in Dubai. Most clubs demand certain dress code to visitors. Folks who dress casually will not be allowed for entry. Night clubs generally start from 10 p.m. and close at 3.00 a.m. Some hotspots you can visit are Club 360, Nasimi Beach, Trilogy, Barasti, Boudoir, Mahiki, and N’Dulge.


Dubai is also called as “Pearl of the Arabian Gulf”. It is known to be one of the most rapid-improving cities around the world. Dubai has welcomed millions tourists and visitors and the number is significantly growing on yearly basis. Many international hotels expands their businesses here.

Hotels in Dubai are mouth-gawking and stunning due to their magnificent facilities and amenities which are hardly to find in other countries. Most of the hotels are located across Bur Dubai and Deira. There are also fantastic hotels in Dubai Marina, the areas wherein tourism and business occurred. Moreover, a lot of marvelous business hotels can be found in the modern area in Dubai. But those hotels are not segmented to businesses purposes only. Tourism activities are also greatly favored. But if you are looking for luxury hotels then your destination will be Jumeirah beach area. This area is popular due to the popular luxury hotels.

Tower of Arabs or Burj-al-Arab is seven-star hotel which is the perfect destination for vacationers who are looking for high-end amenities and facilities. It is considered as the most popular luxury hotel in Dubai. There are over 200 suites which are integrated with high-end facilities, restaurants with their delicious dishes, four bars, and convenient spa spots.

The other recommended hotels are Al Jawhara Apartments Hotel, Metropolitan Palace Dubai Hotel, Admiral Plaza Hotel, hawthorn Deira Hotel, Taj Palace Dubai Hotel, and York International Hotel.

Beside luxury and high-end hotels, tourists can also opt more affordable hotels for the holiday budget. Dubai also has such competitive priced hotels services and other types of accommodations.


When people talk about shopping in Dubai, most of them agree that Dubai Mall is top-notch. It is a popular destination which has been crowded by visitors of Dubai for years. It is a trade center wherein you will find a lot of creativities such as enormous amount of high-end stuff, fantastic design of building, and so on.

City Centre Deira is a 115,000 square meters spaced spot which provides one of the best shopping places in Dubai. It offers 58 options of international and local restaurants, fitness center, and tourism activities. This mall has almost everything from clothing, jewelry, Middle Eastern handicrafts, supermarket, cinemas, and other attractions.

Burjuman Center is also recommended for high-end shoppers. It is located at Burjuman Metro Station. It is a paradise for fashion seekers. You can find prominent branded items from Louis Vuitton, Versace, Hermes, and many more.

If you are up to themed mall, Ibn Battuta Mall has its unbeatable reputation. It is counted as the world’s largest themed mall in the world. There are 6 courts to be offered which represent different regions where Ibn Battuta (the person who inspired this mall) had travelled from China, India, Egypt, Persia, Andalusia, and Tunisia. Themed mall claim is its decorative interiors. You will be stunned with the distinct features such as pyramids in Egypt Court, and other 5 courts’ mascots. The other malls that you can’t miss are Dubai Festival City Mall and Mercato Mall.


Dubai literally has everything to give incredible treats for connoisseurs and foodies. They have everything, indeed, from sweet treats to midnight snacks. Every delicious foods are available from around the globe. The city does not only provide the local delicacies, but also popular dishes from around the world. This city is like a bank of foods. Every tasty explorer will spend most of their time to enjoy such vibrant foods that are offered by Dubai.

Commending the originality of the dishes, the international foods are cooked and prepared by regional chefs who come with authentic recipes. Many popular chefs have established their franchises in the city. Jamie Oliver is one of them.

Dubai does not only offer high-end dining experience at classy restaurants, but also mouth-watering street foods to expand your food exploration. There are also 24-hour dining places that cater your hunger if the day is not enough for you. Surely you will find complete culinary experiences in one place.