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edmcmuffin Send PM 04/20/2016 11:49 am
Posts: 0 If you are hoping to go to Hana Spa in Houston on Bammel North and Veterans, be awaresome young punk will jump out and rob you before you get into the spa. If you want to late night or overnight, keep your wallet in the car, a lesson I learned to well. Dark skinned black kid in his early 20s wearing a black hoodie. The next time I see him I wanna be in my car mowing him down. He's trying to take advantage of the fact you are going to a massage and he thinks you won't report it to the police.
Ricky60 Send PM 04/27/2016 11:22 pm
Posts: 0 I always try to carry myself in an exemplary fashion so that I ALWAYS can call LE when I get in trouble. I have never had to do it at an Asian spa; however, I did it when a North American chick ripped me off several decades ago. LE called it a civil dispute; but, behind the scenes, we filed paperwork that caused the spa to lose its business license.

Regarding today's young thugs, I simply avoid them. I very quickly become a no-show, if I arrive and feel unsafe about getting out of the car.

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