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  • The Men's Club

    The Men's Club

    (214) 956-8800
    2340 W. Northwest Hwy.
    Dallas, TX 75220
  • Spearmint Rhino

    Spearmint Rhino

    (214) 902-0700
    10965 Composite Dr.
    Dallas, TX 75220
  • The Lodge

    The Lodge

    (972) 506-9229
    10530 Spangler Rd.
    Dallas, TX 75220
  • Baby Dolls

    Baby Dolls

    (214) 358-5511
    10250 Shady Trail
    Dallas, TX 75220
  • Lipstick Cabaret

    Lipstick Cabaret

    (214) 352-4466
    10859 Harry Hines Blvd.
    Dallas, TX 75220
  • Gold Club

    Gold Club

    (214) 341-6643
    10601 Plano Rd.
    Dallas, TX 75238
  • Club Onyx

    Club Onyx

    (214) 545-5600
    10557 Wire Way
    Dallas, TX 75220
  • Cabaret Royale

    Cabaret Royale

    (214) 350-0303
    10723 Composite Drive
    Dallas, TX 75220
  • Dallas Cabaret

    Dallas Cabaret

    (972) 488-6833
    2444 Walnut Ridge St.
    Dallas, TX 75229
  • Chicas Bonitas

    Chicas Bonitas

    (214) 206-3820
    11044 Harry Hines
    Dallas, TX 75229
  • The Clubhouse

    The Clubhouse

    (972) 869-9506
    2250 Manana Dr.
    Dallas, TX 75220
  • Pandora's Men's Club

    Pandora's Men's Club

    (214) 350-7300
    10649 Harry Hines Blvd.
    Dallas, TX 75220
  • Dallas Cabaret North

    Dallas Cabaret North

    (972) 484-4475
    11569 Harry Hines Blvd.
    Dallas, TX 75229
  • King's Cabaret

    King's Cabaret

    (214) 744-2890
    1602 Market Center Blvd.
    Dallas, TX 75207
  • Million Dollar Saloon

    Million Dollar Saloon

    (214) 691-6757
    6848 Greenville Ave.
    Dallas, TX 75231
  • Privilege Men's Club

    Privilege Men's Club

    (214) 761-9926
    525 S. Industrial Blvd.
    Dallas, TX 75207
  • Fare


    (214) 369-4070
    5030 Greenville Ave.
    Dallas, TX 75206
  • Silver City Cabaret

    Silver City Cabaret

    (214) 689-8989
    7501 Stemmons Frwy.
    Dallas, TX 75247
  • Tiger Cabaret

    Tiger Cabaret

    (214) 660-9912
    9125 E. RL Thorton Frwy.
    Dallas, TX 75218
  • La Zona Rosa Cabaret

    La Zona Rosa Cabaret

    (214) 951-9249
    1676 Regal Row
    Dallas, TX 75235
  • Lady Love Ii

    Lady Love Ii

    (214) 421-9067
    1615 Haven St.
    Dallas, TX 75215
  • Xtc Cabaret

    Xtc Cabaret

    (214) 267-8550
    8550 Stemmons Frwy.
    Dallas, TX 75247
  • The Venus Room

    The Venus Room

    (972) 243-3330
    2348 Lufield Rd.
    Dallas, TX 75229
  • Azukita Cabaret

    Azukita Cabaret

    (214) 819-9424
    9009 Sovereign Row
    Dallas, TX 75247
  • Dallas Gentlemen's Club

    Dallas Gentlemen's Club

    (972) 869-3376
    2117 W. Northwest Hwy.
    Dallas, TX 75220
  • If you want to find some fun at Dallas strip clubs, we have the latest information on more than two dozen of the clubs throughout the city. Use the extra search features to narrow down the list as you look around. You are sure to find the perfect club for your needs.
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    Of course, you might be searching for a night out with the guys or visiting from out of town and looking for a good time. You will still find everything you need to know about the adult entertainment clubs in Dallas. Are you interested in a bikini experience, total nudity or a topless club?
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    Here is an outline some of the more popular strip clubs in Dallas. Hopefully, these reviews will give you a heads up to where the best strips clubs are, and what to expect before you get there. The following strips clubs are town favorites, andthey are judged by both personal experience, rankings, and customer reviews.

    #1 Baby Dolls -
    Voted the Best Dallas Strip Club in 2013, and still a favorite of many, Baby Dolls is known for their more than ample number of strippers and stages, because what that meant to patrons, is that any second there will be a 12 or more assorted knockers, and 6 or more fresh hot asses dancing around the stage. Not to mention the girls they always have working the crowd, chit-chatting, lap dancing or both! No matter if you like the half pint cities with the pear-shaped handfuls or the taller middle-aged women with curves that drop your jaw, you can't go wrong here. The customers have long since turned into patrons, and the atmosphere is always down to earth. The lighting is perfect, the decor is classy, and the club has a luminescence that stands out. Order a shot of Patron, and don't expect to get up for a little while, as you will be pampered here.

    #2 Spearmint Rhino -
    Spearmint Rhino claims to be the best in adult entertainment, and for the most part, they are right on. If you desire a more executive atmosphere, the Rhino will be your best option. With the hottest girls, and a very professional staff. The Spearmint Rhino is said to have young girls, the best drink specials during the day, and has been known to hold down the "Gentleman Club" thing, so if your going with your girlfriend from work, call up a man friend to escort you in. Very upscale, smoke free, and according to customer reviews, the club is beautiful inside, and the vibe is good.

    #3 Club ONYX -
    Club ONYX is a favorite strip club in Dallas for many, and you will find it lit up in blue and purple neon lights after sunset, and most likely with a parking lot full of people, depending on what night you go. At this club you will find over 100 bombshells, and they know how to pick them too! Some of the most gorgeous, sexiest women you can even think up, ad they are sweet too! They have "Soul Food Friday Buffet", I've never had it, but from what I hear, you're going to pig out, and they also have 3 full bars, serving the whole spectrum of premium liquors and beers. They also have 107 inch screens (two of them) to watch sports on, so come on game night for some of your favorite sports mixed with excitement. They have a full menu, late night, you will find an arousing adult after hours scene, complete with accents from a $80,000 laser show. This goes hard, is beautiful inside, and is a classy place that treats you right.

    #4 The Men's Club -
    This strip club is a real treat. The Men's Club has developed a name for having an award winning wine cellar, and cuisine that runs a close race with most fine dining or steak houses. So, if the type that would enjoy a steak that taste like Ruth Chris's made it, while you watch fine, half naked women dance around, this is your spot! The inside of the club looks really nice and roomy, with high ceilings, stages, a bar right in the middle, and look on their website to find the latest promotions and events. The promo page will usually contain anything from all-you-can-eat-buffets, to prime rib specials. They have a Fabulous Feast on Wednesdays, and Poker Tournaments are held here as well. They have party packages, anda VIP club, and they promise you an experience like none other.