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  • Girls Of Glitter Gulch

    (702) 385-4774
    20 Fremont Street
    Las Vegas 89101, United States
    No Food
    Monday-Sunday: Free
    Stripper will negotiate


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    Reviewed 04-07-2019
    This place has been torn down

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    Reviewed 06-27-2017
    The Glitter Gulch is now closed, it closed June 27,2016 for a new casino project it was open for at least 40+years maybe longer now there's not any XXX adult entertainment in downtown Las Vegas when there used to be a lot and it's the first time ever with no XXX adult entertainment.

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    Reviewed 05-01-2012
    This place is located down on Fremont Street, which is a pedestrian mall, so you can't get dropped off right at the door...you'll have to stumble in off Fremont, like all the other drunk degenerates. Fremont Street is a bright, shiny tourist trap, so this club feels a little out of place sandwiched between casinos and souvenir shops -- but there are always a couple of chicks out front hustling and luring people in, letting everyone know what's going on. There is no cover charge, just a 2-drink minimum -- but drinks are $10 apiece, so it adds up.
    Inside, it's basically a rectangular room about the size of a shoebox, with a long stage running down the center. Booths line the walls, and there's a small curtained-off VIP room in the back, which isn't all that private...but then, you probably wouldn't really WANT to get very private with these beasts.
    To be fair, I've seen some OK-looking girls working in here...but I've also seen a lot of beat-up hags. A LOT! I even heard there's an old granny who works the day shift, although I've never personally seen her in action (they say she just kinda sways back and forth). Be warned!!
    All in all, a good place to go if you're staying downtown and don't want to drive or take a cab anywhere. Otherwise....notable for its novelty kitsch value only.

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    Reviewed 12-08-2011
    The girls of Glitter Gulch are fast on there feet, me and buddy got a stool by the main stage, 2 girls hit me and 2 hit my buddy, next thing we know, we're on couch having a good time and literal 10 mins later we owed 400 a each!! And we were sober!! Be careful at this one!! It's the no cover charge that hooks ya!

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