Diamond Cabaret
(702) 731-2365
3177 South Highland Drive
Las Vegas 89109, United States

(702) 731-2365
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  • Diamond Cabaret

    (702) 731-2365
    3177 South Highland Drive
    Las Vegas 89109, United States

    No Food
    Monday-Sunday: $50.00


    3 AdultSearch User Reviews
    Reviewed 10-25-2015
    If I could give less than a star I would. I went here last year while in Vegas celebrating a friends 50th birthday. I won some money at the roulette table and told my buddy I need some t and a in my face. We got a free ride which was nice. At the door they wanted $70 a person for cover charge. I started to walk away and they bumped it down to $20 or 30, I don't remember. It was a Sat. night and the place was DEAD! We go in and a nice young lady says she will be our host for the night and get us whatever we need. I was drunk and in a good mood so I tipped her $20. I didn't see her for the rest of the night. Go figure right. Immediately after two women sit down with me and start the hard sell. $500 for an hour in the vip room. They hounded me for what felt like forever and finally gave up when they realized I just didn't have that kind of money. After that I went to the bar to get some singles and the bartender wanted a tip for giving me change. Fucking ridiculous! After getting kicked out of the 'lap dance' seating area I go to the stage with my stack of ones and proceed to get completely ignored by every dancer there. I looked over at the all the dancers sitting down waiting their turn and all of them were on their phones. Not once did one of them come up to me. Worst experience ever. DO NOT GO HERE.

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    Reviewed 05-01-2012
    Rip off alert!! This is a shitty little club hiding in the shadow of a freeway overpass, and they will gouge you upon entry for as much as they can get. They pay a higher bounty to cabbies than most other clubs, which is why cabbies will tell you this is the "best club in town." It's not; they just pay cabbies more money for bringing drunken idiots here.
    Billed as "fully nude," this means they can't serve alcohol, so you are forced to buy shitty juice and sodas while watching half-dead-looking women dance half-assedly onstage. And they don't even get naked onstage!!! Each girl does two songs, and they don't even take their TOPS off til the 2nd song.
    If you want to go to a nude club, the Palomino is WAAAAY better. Skip this loser joint altogether. The only thing in its favor is that it's not as far off-Strip as Palomino...but who cares? It's worth the drive!

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    Reviewed 12-08-2010
    This place is HORRIBLE! AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS! I'm not kidding, it's a total 100% rip-off. Cover is like $30 and once you get in and sit down, they charge you another $20 for unlimited drinks. Mandatory. Total fucking bullshit. I actually did want a 2nd drink but the waitress was nowhere to be found so I pretty much paid $20 for a small cup of flat Coke. If you want a lap dance, it'll be $200 for half an hour. That DOESN'T include touching of any kind. If you want to touch or want more, you'll have to discuss that with the dancer. So it'll be $200 plus whatever else you want from the dancer. BULL-FUCKING-SHIT! This place is nothing more than a rip-off.


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