Pink Pony Gentleman's Club
4009 W. Martin Luther King Ave.
Tampa,FL 33614
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  • Pink Pony Gentleman's Club

    4009 W. Martin Luther King Ave.
    Tampa,FL 33614
    Monday-Thursday: $10.00
    Friday-Saturday: $15.00
    Sunday: $10.00
    No Food


    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 05-14-2014
    well I brought a friend to go dance at the Pink Pony last Friday,at first glance you would think you was dealing with professionals but right off the start of the interview the night manager bent her over and rubbed his crouch on her butt, and the rest of the night you could see the male staff grabbing the butts and crotches of all dancers in arms length, the club don't have the greatest appearance the sets have old cloth and have rips and steins on them, they only have three guys working one at the door one in vip and one working the stage, and they are more worried about the hooking up with the dancers then doing their job,the music was house music and not very good at that, and they looked like they will let any girl work there, most of the girls you could tell they were really messed up on drugs,all I know is I would not spend my money there or let any of my friends work there, but if you want to get laid in the vip room then that is the place for you, just go get your self checked after, don't worry about about the staff they will turn there head and look the other way, If you are a dancer looking to work there trust me there are better places to work where the male staff is worse the the clients they let in, they like to ove staff girls so the can get the house fee from you even if you have not made any money and if you don't have sex you most likely won't make any money.

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