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  • Romantix - Galaxy Theatre & Book Store

    633 E. Colfax Ave.
    Denver, CO 80203


    6 AdultSearch User Reviews
    Reviewed 09-21-2017
    First time being in here and I thought it would be a little bigger but it's hella small. Not bad though, they pretty much have what I was looking for. Went into the arcade for a cheap price and felt kinda stupid walking around hoping to find some fun/action with people. Notice they have the "1 person in a booth" sign on the door. Oh well though, I went into the booth by myself and enjoyed it pretty much. Heard a lot of people going in and hooking up but it just seemed flat out creepy with me walking around like that haha.

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    Reviewed 05-21-2017
    Are there ever any girls here in the back room or is mostly gay men?

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    Reviewed 05-08-2017
    All Glory holes have been blocked and lights are full bright back in the Arcade.

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    Reviewed 04-16-2015
    One-time entry fee, code on receipt starts videos, Many GHs.had fun can't complain.

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    Reviewed 09-25-2013
    It's a small place that has a decent selection of DVDs/toys/novelties with what seems to be okay prices. The chick behind the counter was cool although not overly helpful, but I guess at places like this she was just giving me space to browse.

    I'm sure you can find a DVD/toy here that will satisfy your need, but I'm betting the reason you dig into reviews for adult stores is because of the booths in back and in particular the GHs.

    Pay the $5 to get your card and go into the back room. There are about 8-10 booths in the back but only the 3 connected in the middle island have GHs. The GH booths have a good amount of room and can only be locked if the card is in the slot. A couple would have plenty of room to have fun and there is an adequate selection of movies to choose from. The seats are not the cleanest so lay a jacket down or grab some paper towels from the bathroom if you want to sit on them naked. The floors are also quite sticky so you might want to keep your shoes or socks on as well.

    I went mid week, during the evening (7pm) and a guy or two would wonder in or out. There are a few gay bars in the area so I assume they wonder in after a few drinks. I was in the GH booth a few minutes when a clean cut, well hung white penis pokes thought the GH (I believe it was a bartender next door but hard to tell really). We exchanged BJs and left our separate ways. I was hopping for a couple, but I enjoyed what I got. I'd go back again if I was stuck on that side of town, but I hear the other Romantix gets couples somewhat more often being it's not right next to a gay bar. It was a fun time though and I got to suck the penis I was craving.

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    Reviewed 07-02-2012
    Place sucks.
    Member Comments
    Jack99 07-02-2012 12:56:25 PM Jack99
    care to elaborate on why it sucks?
    Biglongpussywetter 07-02-2012 12:59:16 PM Biglongpussywetter
    Booths are dirty, cleanexes and such.

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