Happy 8 Health Center
(408) 263-3988
1717 N. Milpitas Blvd.
Milpitas 95035, United States

(408) 263-3988
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  • Happy 8 Health Center

    (408) 263-3988
    1717 N. Milpitas Blvd.
    Milpitas 95035, United States
    $ 35.00
    $ 40.00
    Dixon Landing Rd.

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    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 01-06-2013
    Providers Name: Helen
    Security cameras inside the main room for chair massage(foot massage). Rooms are private except for window at top of door. Be better if door was solid. Also they might listen to see if girl doing something that she is not supposed to...

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    Reviewed 06-19-2013
    Providers Name: Baby
    I was a little skeptical this would be anything more than a regular massage. The room that I was led into had a windowed door and the top of the window was exposed so that somebody tall could look in. The girl giving me the massage said her name was Baby and was about twenty years old. She was slender but not short and she said she was Chinese. Baby was wearing Pink sweat/yoga style pants that were loose fitting. The massage was not anything special to write about, basically a body rub. She started by putting my arms up on the table at my side rather than hanging off. I took this to mean that she wasn't into being touched but that didn't stop me from trying. When she came around to the side I lightly brushed my fingers against her leg. She didn't say anything, only gently placed my hand back to my side. I can take a hint and didn't try again and at that point expected a standard massage.
    After the flip I allowed the towel to fall as a last ditch effort to let her know what I wanted and she picked it back up and covered me back up. She started rubbing my chest and then moved down toward the towel, her fingers ever so slightly brushing against my pubic region. She looked at me and asked, "Is this okay?". I smiled and told her that it certainly was then her fingers continued dancing through my pubic hairs, tickling a little and occasionally coming in contact with my rock-hard cock.
    She moved her hand down a little more and asked, "You want massage here?". I said that I would and she replied, "40 for hand, 80 for mouth". I told her that the hand was fine and she began to play with my prick. When I say "play" I mean literally. She would move the tips of her fingers around the head of my cock and giggled and said, "Mushroom!" It made me laugh a little bit.
    Then she got to business. She poured some baby-oil into her hand and began stroking my dick furiously with one hand while lightly rubbing my balls with the other. I came in less than 5 minutes then she cleaned me up with a warm towel, gave me some cold water to drink, and I was on my way.

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