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  • Hot Springs Centerfold Topless

    1396 E. Grand
    Hot Springs National Park,AR 71901
    Monday-Saturday: $10.00
    No Food
    Dance Not available


    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 09-29-2013
    The support staff was rude and enforced the club rules like the hitler youth.
    The DJ's lack of musical taste and personality on the mic give out a horrible vibe. The up beat and tempo song was out numbered by the slow songs. More songs about ending relationships then sexual were played.
    If a dancer sat at our table, with 2 minutes a waitress was there to ask "Buy the lady a drink, time to sit with you'll, or lap dance?" If you said anything but "yes" and handed the waitress money. The dance was told to leave table the, if she did not them the "DJ" call her to the bar during a song.
    The crowd noise was louder than the music and at one point in the night I could hear the rain on the metal roof.

    door $10.00
    dancer drink $10.00
    dancer sit at table for half hour $20.00
    Lap dance (topless) $20.00 a song $50.00 for 3
    no half price dance specials

    cleanliness was poor.
    The dancers pole was not polished nor the men's restroom cleaned from the night before. Lighting was so bright, counting the stains on the carpet was the highlight of our night.

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