Blue Moon
(602) 267-0005
2911 E. Van Buren St.
Phoenix,AZ 85008
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  • Blue Moon

    (602) 267-0005
    2911 E. Van Buren St.
    Phoenix,AZ 85008
    Monday-Sunday: $10.00
    No Food


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    Reviewed 12-27-2016
    What do u y'all think about jasmine?

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    Reviewed 09-20-2014
    Strippers Name: Savannah
    First time I've ever been dissapointed in a visit to the BlueMoon. That's probably what I get for going on a Friday night, when it was busy as shit. Savannah was hot as fuck, and she let me suck on her pierced nipples, which I can never complain about. But she was the second girl that night that stopped my hands from wandering too far. I guess in busy shifts, they know they are surrounded by easy money. Going in during lunch on a weekday will get you a LOT more mileage.

    Oh, and she she also tried to get my cell phone number to make some kind of sugar daddy arrangement with me. I gave her a fake and left.

    I'm still giving it 4 stars, because I was still able to have more fun than I would have at another club for much less money. The usual $41 for three songs is really the best bet of any club out there.
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    iraff 09-04-2015 03:12:09 PM iraff
    Have you been hear lately? I'm thinking about checking it out but all these reviews are about a year old. And one review says something about new mangement. Can anyone let me know if this place is still any good

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    Reviewed 04-19-2014
    Strippers Name: Hennesy
    Awesome. Small, dingy club, but the girls are great. I got private dances from two girls, both offered the same thing. 3 songs for $41. This of course includes full contact and some hand action from the girls. For a little more, they'll do more.

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    Reviewed 03-27-2013
    Strippers Name: Cherry
    I had a very bad experience the other night at the Blue Moon. They have a new manager named Robert and he is bad news. He is a very large black man (not that being a large black man is an issue, I just wanted to make sure you know he is when you see him so you can avoid him). Robert came in and relieved the manager that I had gotten to know over the past few years. I guess Robert now works the night shift. I got to the Blue Moon at about 6 PM and I saw what was working and I found this girl that was to my liking named Cherry. At first, everything appeared like it was going to be normal. Cherry asked me if I wanted a dance and I said sure. She quoted me $41 for the set. I paid Cherry $41 in advance and she gave the money to Robert and came back. Cherry started to whack me off and allowed me to touch her anywhere I wanted as she danced for me (which has always seemed to be the norm at Blue Moon for the past couple of years). After the three songs were over she asked me if I would like another set. I said yes and handed her $50 (I was going to tip her a little extra). She went back to Robert to pay up and I could immediately tell something was wrong. She did not come back for a while. She finally came back and told me that Robert told her that she was not supposed to dance all three songs (she was supposed to sit there and talk to me for two and dance one) but since she did I now owed Robert an additional $41 for the three dances and if I wanted another set that it would be another $21. I told her no because she had quoted me $41 and that was what I was going to pay. She said that I still needed to go to Robert and pay him the $41 I owed him. I refused and I took my $50 back and bolted out the door. Robert came outside and stopped me and with his gangster talk that was meant to try to intimidate me as he tried to extort the $41 out of me. I said that I was quoted $41 to begin with by Cherry and that was all I was going to pay. He then said he was going to call the cops and tell them that I paid the girl to whack me off! I still refused to pay and I told him that I would love to see him call the Phoenix police and tell them that his girls are whacking men off in their joint.

    Robert then tried to intimidate me using the oldest trick in the book. He used the famous "good cop, bad cop method". Robert called over the doorman, a man by the name of Mario and brought him over. Mario then started to try to reason with me and he told Robert to go back inside. Mario told me that Robert was very mad. He said that he knows that it isn't right but Robert would not accept anything different. He kept on saying to me that "I know this isn't right but this is a shady business and bad things happen". He said now that Cherry was going to tell the police I was touching her and being to rough with her unless I paid the $41. Mario kept on trying to say he was my friend but he could not stop Robert. He said I should just pay up or else I might end up arrested. He copied down the license plate to my car and told me he was going to call the police. At this point I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and said to him that he need not bother because I was going to call them for him. He right away got excited and said "don't call 911!". I said I wasn't because no one was dying so it was not an emergency. He then asked me to step aside so that when the police came I would not be in the way which I did. I called directory assistance because I did not know the Phoenix non emergency number by heart. As I was on hold, He went in and talked to Mario and then came back and asked if I had already talked to the police and I said no as I was still on hold with directory assistance. He said to hang up then because he wanted to tell me something. He said he talked to Robert and that Robert told him that they were going to charge the dance to Cherry that they were going to take the cost of my dance out of her pay (like I believe that, that was a story to try to make me feel bad) and that I could come back in if I want but in the future I need to be aware that if the girl is dancing for more than one of the three songs I need to tell her to stop unless I want to pay. Needless to say, I did not go back in. I took off and I will not be back as long as Robert is the manager of this place.

    This was obviously a con game that Robert, Cherry and Mario had pre planned. It was obvious because when Cherry started dancing for me she told me that she started dancing there on January 2. When she was telling me that I owed Robert for the extra dance she said that she did not know she was not to dance for three songs because she was new there. Her, Robert and Mario had this game all planned out. Beware, they may try it again if they find someone that is not as savvy as I am. I was born at night but I was not born last night.....LOL. I am 42 years old so believe me I have seen every trick in the book so I know a heist when I see one! I knew that there is no way in hell that the Blue Moon was going to call the police with all the prostitution that goes on in that place. Also, they would have no way to prove it as they definitely do not have video cameras there so it would be there word against mine. Police would never arrest me without proof that I stole a product especially sexually related services. In the past I have actually seen men actually get private dances in clubs and then when the dance was done they found that they did not have the money. Yes, the club kicked them out but they did not call the police! I do not condone that, if you get a dance pay up to what the original terms were but know that a club is not going to call the police (especially a nude club that has prostitution going on behind its walls).

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    Reviewed 09-02-2011
    Good pressure to spend...Private dances are $41 for 3 songs..The house gets 21.00 and the girl gets 20.00 the 1st 2 songs she'll just play with you and talk..last song is full nude with you pretty much touching anywhere you want. A little unclear about additional song time. My girl Wendy said it would be another 41.00 so I passed. Girls actually looked pretty hot and while they'll all approach you, none were very agressive and you can pretty much hang out for just the 10.00 entry fee which includes a soda.

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    Reviewed 07-13-2011
    Strippers Name: Kitten, Tiffany
    Went to Blue Moon wednesday afternoon. Had a good time with three lovely ladies. First was a new girl named Kitten. She is a gorgeous tall blonde (5'9"). She is thin, great ass, with small perky breasts. She was a bit shy during the private dance, not much in the way of HJ (hand jobs), BJ (blowjobs) and FS (full service). There may be limits on how much service management will allow.">extras, but was very sweet. A good way to start. Next was a black girl that I forgot her name. She was a bit more accommodating during the dance and seemed to truly get wet. Very fun. Finally was a petite blonde named Tiffany. I've had dances with her before and they always conclude with a happy ending. Overall, a very fun afternoon.

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    Reviewed 03-05-2011
    Enjoyed an early saturday afternoon at Blue Moon. There wasn't a lot of choices today, maybe 5, but I hooked up with a cute little blonde. Had a 6 song private dance with her. She was very sweet and it was fun exploring her body. She was nice an petite with small soft tits with great pink nipples. Good fun, nothing too wild. Then I had 6 song private dance with my favorite. A petite hispanic girl with great tits, skinny waist and great ass. She is curvy in all the right places. She has some wonderful perky nipples, erasers would be an understatement. Great for touching and sucking. She's great to play with and be played with by.

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    Reviewed 02-09-2011
    it's been awhile since iv'e been here but the last time i was, i picked up a latina dancer and saw her for a few months. easy pick-up and the sex was awesome as it is with most strippers. the club is a dump and you should go there after a night of drinking since they dont serve alchohol

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    Reviewed 08-14-2010
    This club is old and in a shitty part of town. I would not go there at night. But during the day, I wasn't too concerned. The quality of the interior of the club is functional at best. There were 5 or 6 girls on shift. They danced on stage for three songs, flashing on the first, topless on the second, and bottomless on the third. The girls were average to above average in looks, only one not so good, and they all seemed very nice without being too pushy. The private dances operates a bit different than most clubs. The dance fee of 21 to the house and 20 to the girl include a couple of songs where you sit together and one fully nude dance. The girls I danced with allowed a lot of touching both ways during the dance. Overall a good time.

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