Flamingo Massage
(623) 931-6076
4935 W. Glendale Ave., Suite 5
Phoenix, AZ 85301
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  • Flamingo Massage

    (623) 931-6076
    4935 W. Glendale Ave., Suite 5
    Phoenix, AZ 85301
    Chinese, Asian


    4 AdultSearch User Reviews
    Reviewed 11-16-2017
    Amazing I feel 150%better my provider was gorgeous Michelle...and just FYI I will return to see her before I leave here

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    Reviewed 08-02-2017
    Been here a couple of times.
    Upon arrival I was greeted by Nancy. She was friendly and courteous and after paying for massage fees escorted me into a room where the massage promptly started. Nancy wasted no time went to business right away offering an HJ, BJ or FS. We agreed on a tip and she continued to remove her dress.
    I got to say Nancy has been working on her kegel exercises and she was able to apply a good amount of squeeze down there.
    I give Nancy an 8/10 only because she stepped out of the room a couple of times to attend a person at lobby (I guess there was only two working that day). The third time she tried to step out of the room I told her to stay and she did.

    I went in there on a weekday sometime around 11 am. The parking lot was a little bit crowded from people going in and out to the nearby business. Not a really a discrete area.

    I will probably return to flamingo for another nice massage.

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    Reviewed 06-20-2010
    Providers Name: Forgot

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    Reviewed 09-23-2009
    Providers Name: Bebe
    You have to pay $70 to get the jacuzzi, which I wanted to try but I don't think that it is worth it.

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    Reviewed 03-16-2009
    Providers Name: Zenia
    The $70.00 for an hour includes a 20 minute soak in a jacuzzi tub - nice! Then a good cleaning and wash down by the provider.

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    Reviewed 02-23-2009
    Providers Name: Forgot

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    Reviewed 02-14-2009
    Providers Name: Forgot

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    Reviewed 12-22-2013
    Providers Name: Lisa
    Stopped by on a Friday after finding another spa closed. Turns out that this was probably a good thing. I walked in and was greeted by an asian woman named Lisa. Lisa probably just over 5 feet tall and a little on the chubby side, but appeared to be equipped with all of the necessary equipment to have a fun time. I would estimate Lisa to be around 50 years old with long dark hair. Lisa was wearing a skimpy blue top with jean shorts for our massage. Lisa is a VERY friendly and talkative woman. I paid 50 for 45 minutes and asked for the TS that they advertise, but was told that they didn't have a TS. I gave Lisa a disapointed look and she told me that they did have a jacuzzi tub that she could bathe me in. As we started to leave the room Lisa lifted the edge of the towel that I had wrapped around me to have a look at Junior. I sat in the tub and Lisa made sure that everything was nice and clean. Back in the room and on the table Lisa stood at my head and began massaging my shoulders while I reached up and massaged her legs discovering that she was not wearing any panties. Lisa popped a tit out to show me that she wasn't wearing a bra either. She leaned down and asked me what I wanted. I told her that I wanted her just as naked as me, I wanted a HJ, and I wanted to dine at the Y. We settled on a price and Lisa shed all of her clothing. Earlier she had started to turn the lights down, but I objected telling her that I liked to see where I was going. Lisa told me that she would give me a little massage first and then we would have fun. She must have massaged my back and legs for all of 5 minutes before we started to have fun.

    Lisa was very proud of the fact that she had very little pubic hair. She wasn't shaved at all, but there just wasn't much there. She hopped onto the table and I began my feast between her legs. I had a FIV as I sucked on her clit. After maybe 5 minutes Lisa began to arch her hips and softly cry out that she was cumming. After her big "O" I moved up and suckled her nipples on those "C" cup boobs. I played with Lisa for a few more minutes and then she said that it was her turn. We traded places and she oiled up Junior and went to work on the HJ HE. After I popped we dressed and chatted for a few minutes. I tipped Lisa and she gave me a bottle of water.

    I wouldn't give Lise any more than a 4 out of 10 on the erection scale, but she is a very friendly woman who will probably have anything on the menu. There was another woman there that I just barely got a glimps of and she looked like she had a nice figure and was a bit taller and maybe younger. All in all a nice time was had by both parties.

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    Reviewed 04-26-2011
    Parking = 2
    Facilities = 5
    Ladies = 1 & 4
    Massage = 4 or 5
    Table Shower = ?
    *HJ (hand jobs), BJ (blowjobs) and FS (full service). There may be limits on how much service management will allow.">EXTRAS* = 3 - 5

    The Parking here is horrible. I prefer locations with private parking or a least some privacy. Nobody likes to walk through a crowd to enter a massage parlor. This Flamingo is totally different from Flamingo 2 because it is located between two busy businesses.
    Once inside, their facilities are nice and clean. The music is decent and the massage rooms are comfy without being too cramped.
    The ladies here remind me of the ladies at the other Flamingo location. They have 1 young, pretty girl and 2 or 3 older ladies.
    I have made it a point to try every lady here and, as far as the massage goes, I have never been let down. I have never felt rushed and have always been offered a choice between scented massage oil, unscented oils, lotion or nothing at all. The reason I said 4 or 5 and not just 5 is because once during a massage, another lady there made the mistake of walking in and surprising us.
    I know there is a table shower here but I have yet to try it at this location. This location does offer a hot tub massage but only on certain nights when they have enough ladies to cover. I have tried the hot tub massage twice. Each time was nice but one more than the other. The first hot tub massage was just a shoulder rub while I sat in the massage. Occasionally she would rub down my back and down my chest but still, just a decent massage. The second time we were able to negotiate and she joined me in the hot tub and I was able to "finish my visit" in there.
    The HJ (hand jobs), BJ (blowjobs) and FS (full service). There may be limits on how much service management will allow.">extras at this location are always decent. They do offer a two lady massage and finish. A few of the ladies here are more skilled with their hands than the others but overall, once you get into Flamingo massage, it should be worth it.

    Side notes - The entire staff here is Asian. They always offer a bottle of water after. Because I am such a stickler for discrete parking, I had to be modest with my rating of this location.

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