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    4770 S. Emerson Ave., H
    Indianapolis, IN 46203
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    QQ Spa

    4770 S. Emerson Ave., H
    Indianapolis, IN 46203
    Cash ONLY
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    Reviewed 09-02-2014
    Providers Name: Didn't Get.
    It was my last night in Indianapolis, and I really wanted to enjoy myself. So the first thing that came to mind was to treat myself to a massage. This particular massage parlor was just a few blocks from my hotel, so off I went.

    The place almost had a deserted quality to it when I stepped in. No one was in sight, and I don't remember hearing any music playing. I had called maybe ten minutes earlier to double-check on their hours, so someone had to be there. Lo and behold, a woman did come into the lobby area.

    She was an Asian woman dressed in black, probably in her mid- to late-30s, with an attractive face and a nice figure. She asked me if I wanted a massage. That's what I was there for.

    She showed me back to one room, asked how long of a session I wanted. An hour. She wanted the money upfront. No problem. I asked if a table shower was available (the Backpage ad said table showers were available). She asked if I wanted it before or after the massage. Before.

    The table shower was a bit on the, well, rough side. It was also the time I figured the language barrier could be a problem. (She has a thick Asian accent. I've got poor hearing as it is, and considering how locked into the American Midwestern accents my hearing is...well, yeah -- communication problems.)

    After the shower, we went back to the room where we started in on the massage. Her pressure was a little heavier than the medium I wanted. It wasn't a very thorough massage either; it focused almost entirely on the neck and back, little if any with the arms and legs. It also felt a bit hurried, like she just wanted to get it over and done with, maybe get back to whatever she might've been doing when I walked in.

    I guess this place has recently re-opened (at least according to the aforementioned ad). Why, I'm sorry, I really have to wonder. The massage skills really weren't there, conversation was frustrating for both of us, and I found her patience to be a bit on the short side, too. Yeah, I won't be back.

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    Reviewed 01-28-2012
    Providers Name: Lolo I thinkget.
    excellent massage very friendly masseuse

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    Reviewed 02-13-2012
    Providers Name: .
    Only a massage. Was a great massage. Time undersold. Old but nice looking lady damn fine ass and nice tits. Got pissed I only left 10 for tip
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    blindman 05-31-2012 01:21:32 PM blindman
    Same for me too!
    blindman 05-31-2012 01:21:39 PM blindman
    Same for me too!

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