HB Day Spa
17122 Beach Blvd., Suite 104
Orange County, CA 92647
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  • HB Day Spa

    17122 Beach Blvd., Suite 104
    Orange County, CA 92647
    Vietnamese, Asian
    Cash ONLY


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    Reviewed 09-10-2010
    Providers Name: Tracy or Cece?
    Went here twice. First time mamasan(younger Vietnamese girl Tracy or Stacey) massaged me. Pathetic massage for 10 minutes then disappeared. Came back with hot towel and said this would feel good for 20 minutes. I left. No tip. She said that they only do half hours because they're busy all the time. But all the doors were open and a smoking hot asian was sitting in the front looking at her computer. Next time I came in, she said no appointments, busy. Once again all the doors were open and there was that hot asian! WTF!!! I think they are under pressure from LE. I've been to every EMP and never been denied! She seemed pissed I was there! I'll try again, but am warning everyone to stay clear of this place!! They are not having it! Oh well plenty of other places to visit.

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    Reviewed 07-17-2010
    Providers Name: Jessica
    So this place is on the busiest street in HB. It's kinda private but when your walking up to the place and you see a ton of cars driving by,you feel a little nervous. It's at the corner of the plaza the only sign is in the window that says massage, also the open sign is next to it and the suite number 104. From the first look inside it reminds me tlc day spa. Which was just down the street.

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    Reviewed 10-01-2015
    This place is mercifully out of business and long gone.

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    Reviewed 08-14-2011
    I went here a couple of times & both times I got full service girls here are hot I think

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    Reviewed 07-24-2011
    Happened to be in the OC on a Sunday and decided to try this place out based on reviews. Asked for 30 minutes, expected to pay no more than 50 bucks but no change was offered out of my three twenties. Ushered into a small room. Place looks clean and nice but the room was cramped and the table too small for a tall white boy like me. My feet were banging against the little sink in the room the whole time.

    Got undressed, laid face down and covered my ass with a small towel. In comes the masseuse and although I can't see much of her as I'm face down in a pretty dark room, I see a short black dress. Good sign. She introduces herself and I do the same. Her accent is definitely Vietnamese. She says her name, but the whole experience turned out to be so forgettable that I forgot her name too.

    She peels off the towel and starts dragging her fingers across my back and ass lightly. I take it as another good sign. Pretty soon she oils me up and starts rubbing me. Starts out very light then she starts putting some arm into it and I finally start to enjoy myself. There is basic small talk.

    She comes around to the front of the table, which due to the small size of the room pretty much sandwiches her between the head of the table and the wall. But there is just enough room for me to slide my hands up her legs and give her ass a feel. There is no protest, another good sign. I feel her up and her ass feels nice, small and tight, and fairly muscular. The has a lace thong on.

    I just kept it at light touching at this point to let her know I was cool. She moved down to my back again, then my legs, and the massage was so-so. One minute it was pure heaven, and the next minute she seemed to drift off and forget where she was or what she was doing. Kind of annoying. I get a little more ass and ball touch, then a hot towel-off, then the flip.

    So I turn over and actually get to see her for the first time. Older gal, not great, but not bad. Pretty tiny package and nice melon-size boobs under her little black dress. Definitely potential. I sometimes enjoy the older Asian gals as they often have skills that some of the younger ones lack and many of thm seem to enjoy what they do.

    So she does a little frontal touching and asks what I want and I say "full". She makes a motion and mouths out "one forty". I laugh. I'm still wondering where my change is for the entry as I mouth out "no" while I shake my head. I mean, she might look like fun, but she ain't THAT hot. I'm not paying more than a hundred. I never do. I already put in 60 at the door so I was okay with spending 160 total. But that was my limit and I told her so.

    So she says "OK" and comes back with the goods. I'm not even hard, and she made no effort to get me hard, before she starts trying to roll a condom on me. Now I'm usually a Magnum man but she was determined to get this little condom on me without even getting me hard enough to really fit it properly. So after a half-hearted attempt to get it on me, she tells me to stand up. So I do as she drops her black lace thong. I'm trying to get close, feel her up, and get myself aroused, but she wants none of it. She pushes me away as she lays on the table. She just wants to get down to business, missionary style.

    So I look at her beaver and it look nice, trimmed and groomed. Nice enough to get me going. So I reach out to cop a feel and she swats my hand away as she says, "no fingers, no touch". So I'm trying to find SOMETHING that will get me hard so I start rubbing her boobs through her dress and bra. She is okay with that until I slip a finger under the bra to feel her nipple. Again, "no touch".

    Somehow, I finally get my dick inside of her and she immediately starts complaining that it hurts, she is uncomfortable, she won't let me touch anything except her legs, and she just bitches and complains the whole time. I'm trying to fuck her and at least watch the show down below hoping the sight will get me off. But she just keeps complaining about being uncomfortable, or me being "too big", or going "too deep". Bitch, bitch, bitch.

    I'm getting nowhere. I look at her and she has her head turned, looking off into the distance. Then she looks at me and commands me to "come!". Okay honey, I'll get right on that. I REALLY need more stimulation so I try to kiss her neck. I get swatted away. Then she commands me to "come!" again. I ask to see her boobs, sho she reluctantly pulls her dress down and her bra up just enough to show me a small peek of her left nipple. Nothing more though and her hand is there the whole time guarding it. I try to lean over and give it a lick. Another swat. Then again, she commands me to "come now!" this time.

    By now I'm pissed. This chick is a dead fish and a bitch. There is no way in hell I'm going to get off so I disengage, pull out, yank off my condom and throw it on the table, dress and storm out. She acts surprised and asks me if I'm mad. Seriously?

    I didn't ask for any money back. You take your chances in these places, I get it. For the record, I'm pretty attractive, mid-40s but in decent shape, clean and well groomed, and I'm a perfect gentleman to these girls. I am as respectful to them as can be considering this is supposed to be a mutually satisfying business transaction. This was definitely not. Unless you can get aroused by something as simple as a good strong breeze, avoid this place.

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    Reviewed 04-13-2011
    definitely clean, and nice, each room is pretty secure and everything. It was kinda hard to spot them especially at night. Ain't like the other places where you go in and get your ass harrass for money... I know they are faking it and everything but they do treat me pretty.... good..... excellent hand work though.... when i was about to go... I ask lilly to stop and she stop so i can enjoy a little bit more... pretty good looking girl
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    mackdime23 06-10-2011 04:43:22 PM mackdime23
    Zipcon03- was BBBJ on the menu? If so, what was the tip?

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    Reviewed 01-26-2011
    Great Place. You get what you want at a good price.

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    Reviewed 01-21-2011
    This is what the other two said a ok place.

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    Reviewed 12-29-2010
    Tried twice. Both FS. One ok girl. One very hot (Sundays)

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    Reviewed 11-05-2010
    This is a great place, comfortable, new and very clean. The girls are asian and nice looking, very freindly. Not only a nice massage, but full service as well. I through for $60 at the front desk and $100 tip. I will be back foor more.

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